Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork... and Paperwork

Steve and I had the fortunate blessing of spending last weekend with our new niece, Evelyn Kate.  I just really needed to share this picture.  Steve is going to be such an amazing father, and my heart is just warmed looking at this picture. We enjoyed spending time with Phil, Emily, and little Evie!  She is such a joy and we are so happy for their family.  They will be such amazing parents, and we are ready to give Evie another cousin to play with!

On another note, we have started our home study paperwork.  I think my husband is seeing the unattractive side of my career.  He sat down the other night and spent three hours doing paperwork.  By the end of it, his sentences weren't even making sense anymore.  I now have a much greater sense of sympathy for my clients!  The paperwork is very exhausting. But we also have enjoyed reading each other's answers to the home study questions.  Especially the ones regarding "your spouses' strengths and weaknesses."  Apparently, I am a somewhat messy spouse! Haha!! I already knew that though.  But he also said I am a great cook, and that I am a hard worker. We still have to write our autobiographies.  Can I just write for my social worker to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond," and our caseworker will completely understand my family?! So we have knocked a lot off of our list of things to do for our home study!  Just get 'er done!!!! 


  1. So happy that you are getting closer to having your home study done.

    I definitely remember doing all that paperwork!