Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Black Hole

As I stated on yesterday's blog, we have booked our tickets to Taiwan! Now the rush is on to get things done! Last night we put the crib together (no "we" involved... it was all Steve). We did a great deal of hauling things out of the room which will be the nursery, and rearranging. We had to bag up alot of items for Goodwill. There was some marital disagreements (particularly regarding his 60-some t-shirts that take up a great deal of space), but the night was overall a great night as we both are so excited to bring home baby Si!

We also got a great book on traveling to Taiwan from our wonderful brother, Phil, yesterday in the mail! We have already been reading it. I also downloaded a Chinese language app so I can brush up on my Chinese.

So our flights are booked, and I am just so astounded and interested in the time change aspect of our traveling! We will be crossing the international date line. The way there is nothing astounding, but the way back is what utterly intrigues me! We have two layovers... one in Tokyo and one in New York. We fly out of Tokyo at 3:00 pm on Saturday and arrive in New York at 2:40 pm on Saturday. Yes you read that right! We will be arriving 20 minutes before we left!

Now I do honestly understand, but it is just so crazy to me! What happens when you cross the international date line? Do I age a day or not? What if I get lost in the time continuum? It's like a great black hole!

The flights themselves will be very long, so if you have any ideas for ways to keep entertained on a long flight, feel free to share!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What do we need?

As most of you saw yesterday, our adoption process is moving along!
Today we booked our tickets to travel to Taiwan for our first court date. Two weeks from today I will be holding my little Silas. This will be the first of two trips. If you would like an update on the process, yesterday's blog post lays out the remainder of the process.
Last night I was completely surprised at youth group! Myself and the other female youth leaders had planned on having a movie night for all of the girls. However, I show up and they had secretly planned a surprise baby shower for me! I was so surprised and also felt so blessed to have such wonderful women and girls in Big Fish!! I got presents that I hadn't even thought of... including personalized Silas Toms and a big rubber ducky bath!
So this has gotten me thinking... what all do I need to buy for little Silas? He won't be a newborn by the time we get him... maybe around 8 months old. Steve and I will need to register, but where do we start?! So I am reaching out to my wonderful blogosphere and facebook friends... can you give me advice on things you think we will definitely need for an eight month old?

Thank you all!! I am so excited to have this blog to keep everyone informed of all our little baby happenings!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Best News EVER!

So I never thought I would be joyful that I have to go to court, but I am ecstatic!! This morning Steve and I received news that we have a court date set for March 15th in Taipei, Taiwan!! Two weeks from tomorrow, I will be holding my little boy in my arms!

Here is what our process looks like going forward:
On March 11th, we will head to Taiwan (a very long flight)! Due to the time change, we will not get into Taiwan until March 13th. Then we get to hold our baby boy for the first time! On March 14th we will meet with the social worker that has to write a report for court. On March 15th we will go to court. Then we will have to come back home without baby Silas. He must stay there while paperwork is completed, visas are obtained, etc. The time frame is unknown, but my friends had about 3 months between trip one and two. I am going to be an emotional wreck during this time!

We are so excited to meet our son and love on him!

In the meantime, we need continued help in raising our adoption funds. Our whole first trip is completely paid for, but our second trip is not. If you would like to make a donation, or buy some of my homemade sauce, please email me at We know God will provide the funds needed!

I guess I had also better start getting his nursery ready! We are doing a train theme (if you know Steve and I at all, you know we love trains). We have been very fortunate to have many items donated (a crib, a pack n play, a stroller, lots of clothing).

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers! We cannot wait for you all to meet Baby Silas!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Court Date Prayers

Hello everyone!
It has been a while since I have been able to update our blog because there has not been too much to update. So let me update everyone on where we are at in the process.
Taiwan has all of our paperwork, and we are currently waiting on a court date to be scheduled. Once we obtain our courtdate, we will make our first trip to Taiwan for court.
We have had the unfortunate pleasure of processing all of our paperwork in the midst of first the U.S. Christmas and New Years, and then the Chinese New Year. So these holidays have slowed down the process for us a bit, but we know that it is all in God's timing.
Thank you everyone for your continued prayers of our little Silas. His surgery went so well, and he is healing great. He is gaining weight and the orphanage said that you can tell a major difference in his general demeanor, and that he is smiling alot more.
Please pray that we receive a quick court date, and get to travel to meet our little boy soon!