Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Big News...

So I know that I said last week I would be posting Steve and I's most recent big adoption news, and I haven't gotten around to actually doing it! I guess the key to a great blog is holding your readers in suspense, right?!
Taiwan is going through a great deal of changes to their adoption laws.  Due to the changes, Steve and I are feeling God leading us to adopt domestically, rather than adopting internationally. When we first began discussing this, my heart was crushed at the thought that I would not be able to adopt a baby from Taiwan.  However, I soon began thinking about all of the great things that come with a domestic adoption:

  • We will get to make our family profile for the birthmother to look at.
  • We will be able to possibly meet and get to know my child's biological family.
  • We will actually be able to bring my baby home from the hospital.  
  • We won't have to travel overseas, so I will be able to use my maternity leave to actually stay home with my baby.
So the more that I thought about it, the more excited I became about the new transition.  The cost will be pretty much the same, so that was good news for my fiscally intelligent husband. Fortunately, our home study agency has a placement program as well, so we will just be using them.  We won't have to transfer any paperwork or have any difficult added steps to the process. This also means that we might possibly get a placement more quickly... that would just depend upon when a birthmother chooses us and how far along she is in her pregnancy.  I am just very excited about this! 

God has also been providing for us financially!  I have sold over $300 in jars of Mamaria's pasta sauce. We have also been getting donations from family and friends.  This weekend we received an anonymous gift from someone. It was such a blessing, and I must say I got a little choked up! God is so good and I know that He is leading Steve and I every step of the way.  He already knows who our baby will be and is preparing us for our child. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers for Baby Gocke!!