Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Black Hole

As I stated on yesterday's blog, we have booked our tickets to Taiwan! Now the rush is on to get things done! Last night we put the crib together (no "we" involved... it was all Steve). We did a great deal of hauling things out of the room which will be the nursery, and rearranging. We had to bag up alot of items for Goodwill. There was some marital disagreements (particularly regarding his 60-some t-shirts that take up a great deal of space), but the night was overall a great night as we both are so excited to bring home baby Si!

We also got a great book on traveling to Taiwan from our wonderful brother, Phil, yesterday in the mail! We have already been reading it. I also downloaded a Chinese language app so I can brush up on my Chinese.

So our flights are booked, and I am just so astounded and interested in the time change aspect of our traveling! We will be crossing the international date line. The way there is nothing astounding, but the way back is what utterly intrigues me! We have two layovers... one in Tokyo and one in New York. We fly out of Tokyo at 3:00 pm on Saturday and arrive in New York at 2:40 pm on Saturday. Yes you read that right! We will be arriving 20 minutes before we left!

Now I do honestly understand, but it is just so crazy to me! What happens when you cross the international date line? Do I age a day or not? What if I get lost in the time continuum? It's like a great black hole!

The flights themselves will be very long, so if you have any ideas for ways to keep entertained on a long flight, feel free to share!

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  1. The time change and the long flights are AWFUL!!!! But you should have plenty of movie choices. Bring your own headphones. Take something to help you sleep so your body can adjust easier. Walk around a lot. Wear comfortable shoes. Your feet will probably swell a bit by the end of the flight. Pack snacks and water. They never give you enough and airline food can be pretty gross. The plane will either be stifling or freezing, so dress accordingly! And just be prepared to be uncomfortable. Especially if you get stuck in the middle.