Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What do we need?

As most of you saw yesterday, our adoption process is moving along!
Today we booked our tickets to travel to Taiwan for our first court date. Two weeks from today I will be holding my little Silas. This will be the first of two trips. If you would like an update on the process, yesterday's blog post lays out the remainder of the process.
Last night I was completely surprised at youth group! Myself and the other female youth leaders had planned on having a movie night for all of the girls. However, I show up and they had secretly planned a surprise baby shower for me! I was so surprised and also felt so blessed to have such wonderful women and girls in Big Fish!! I got presents that I hadn't even thought of... including personalized Silas Toms and a big rubber ducky bath!
So this has gotten me thinking... what all do I need to buy for little Silas? He won't be a newborn by the time we get him... maybe around 8 months old. Steve and I will need to register, but where do we start?! So I am reaching out to my wonderful blogosphere and facebook friends... can you give me advice on things you think we will definitely need for an eight month old?

Thank you all!! I am so excited to have this blog to keep everyone informed of all our little baby happenings!!

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