Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This post is a complete 180 degrees from my last post the other week. As I mentioned in my post, last week was a rough week. Mother's Day was just hard, and then feeling like our case was "stuck" and not moving was causing me a great deal of anxiety. I mean, A GREAT DEAL of anxiety!!

But then in this last week, things have gotten so much better! I actually called the orphanage because we had a question regarding the process and legalities. I was able to talk with them for about 20 minutes. Did we get this huge news that the judge approved us or that something amazing had happened?? No, but that wasn't what I needed. I just needed to talk. It was so wonderful to talk to Bev. It completely put my mind, heart, and spirit at ease. I am so grateful to God for this orphanage and how God has blessed and used them in the lives of so many already, and know He will continue to bless them.

We have also seen movement in the cases of other adoptive families that we know, and that provides a great deal of comfort. We know things are moving, and we hope to hear soon that our adoption decree has been received.

Meanwhile, our little man is doing great! They said he downed a bottle in five minutes flat the other day... which is really good for him. Bev said he has very strong legs, and I think he'll be a soccer star! Or a runner like his dad. We also had a baby shower, which was a blast. We felt so blessed and received so many gifts. On Monday I received in the mail this amazing present from my cousins!

We appreciate all of your prayers and support as we have been going through this process!

If you want a four minute quick tutorial of the history of Taiwan, here is a link to a cool video:

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