Friday, August 10, 2012

What a Week?!

So we have had an eventful week with our adoption!  

We received a phone call from our caseworker late Wednesday afternoon informing us that a birthmother had looked at our profile and really wanted to choose us as the family to adopt her baby!  I will say I was quite speechless! Our profile has only been being shown for three weeks, and we already have a potential referral?! The second sentence out of her mouth was not quite as exciting.  She explained to me that this particular case would be quite a bit of expenses due to the birthmother's expenses that she was requesting assistance with. Illinois does not have an amount cut off for birthmother expenses, but they do have a time frame cut off.  You can start paying four months before the baby is born and continue until the baby is two months old. This birthmother had just hit the five month mark.  So including the month of the baby's birth (December), that would be seven months of paying her expenses. 

I went home to discuss the situation with Steve, and we were both in agreement that we were not financially able to accept this referral, as we did not have that amount of finances for our adoption. After we made the decision that the answer would be no, I had such a peace... the kind that only comes from God.  I was not upset that we had to decline a referral (surprisingly). I know that this was not the placement God has intended for us, and I know that He has our perfect little one out there somewhere for us!

Furthermore, the fact that we had been picked only three weeks after our start date of being shown was quite encouraging for our spirits! I know that God has the perfect birthmother in store to choose us for her baby... and I have placed all of my cares on His shoulders as He leads and guides us through this!!

Thank you all for your love and encouragement!!

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  1. your hope is in Him- nothing else- then you're ok no matter what....can't wait for Evie to have another little cousin :)